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Feedforward Control Design Based on Laguerre Network Modelling

Jozef Škultéty(1), Eva Miklovičová(2*), Ruth Bars(3)

(1) Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Informatics, Ilkovičova 3, 812 19 Bratislava., Slovakia
(2) Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Informatics, Ilkovičova 3, 812 19 Bratislava., Slovakia
(3) Budapest University of Technology & Economics, Department of Automation and Applied Informatics., Hungary
(*) Corresponding author



In this paper feedforward control algorithm is proposed to enhance the performances of the model reference control. The control design is based on discrete Laguerre networks which represent a simple and useful tool for the approximation of signals or systems. In this approach both the system model and the controller are expressed in the form of Laguerre network. The model reference control is an open-loop control strategy which aims at obtaining an optimal reference signal tracking. To ensure unmeasured disturbance rejection the control loop is closed using an additional integrating effect. A feedforward path is added to reject the effect of measurable disturbance with known dynamics.
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Model Reference Control; Feedforward Control; Laguerre Network

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