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Intelligent Solution for Transmission Line Management for Three Phase to Ground Fault Problems

Nagarajan Ashokkumar(1*), M. Rathinakumar(2)

(1) Assistant Professor - Senior Scale, EEE DEPT, SCSVMV UNIVERSITY, ENATHUR, KANCHIPURAM., India
(2) , India
(*) Corresponding author



In this paper a fault analysis is undertaken and the response of the two controllers, one normal PID Controller and the other is fuzzy tuned controller for the momentary fault condition is studied.TCR – Thyristor Controlled Reactor is the part of SVC used for reactance control and used in power system primarily for the purpose of voltage and reactive power control. Here Fuzzy logic based controller, tunes the TCR for the control of voltage and current levels during faulted condition. Fuzzy works with a logical rule based approach. At the same time one cannot deny the robustness and ability of PID control logic. This research work features a more structured comparison between a PID controller and fuzzy tuned controller in controlling the TCR for managing a symmetrical fault condition and its response for the fault are analysed. Mat lab- Simulink is used for the Simulation of PID and FUZZY controllers and its related graphs.
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Fault Analysis; FUZZY; MATLAB-Simulink; PID

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