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Stabilizing Controller Design for Transient Stability Improvement of Power Systems

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This paper presents a nonlinear excitation controller for power system. The non-linearity and interconnections in power system are eliminated by using direct feedback linearization technique. With this compensator design, only the bounds of the generator and the network parameters are to be known. The resulting feedback linearizing excitation controller guarantees the overall transient stability of the power system. Simulation results on the model depicts that the proposed controller can greatly enhance the power system transient stability regardless of the network parameter variations. In power system, fault is the main reason which transforms the system from stable to unstable. Few of the main parameters to be monitored during fault condition are power angle and terminal voltage whichcan depict the system behavior. The major objective is to prevent power system from losing synchronism after sudden fault and to restore the terminal voltage to pre-fault value. Power system is characterized with nonlinear behavior. The nonlinearity existing in power system is mainly due to the system elements. Direct feedback linearization is the technique which isused for linearizing the nonlinear power system. Here three phase short circuit fault is considered which occurs on one of the transmission line. Different controllers designed for stabilizing the linearized system has been discussed in this paper and comparative results have been shown in this paper through simulation results.
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Electric Power System (EPS); Sliding Mode (SM); Direct Feedback Linearization (DFL)

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