Comparison of Fuzzy Logic and GA-PID Controller for Position Control of Inverted Pendulum

Lukman A. Yusuf(1*), Nuraddeen Magaji(2)

(1) Bayero University Kano., Nigeria
(2) Electrical Engineering Department, Bayero University Kano., Nigeria
(*) Corresponding author

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Stability is very necessary in control system and it becomes more difficult to achieve for a non-linear system. This paper considered two control schemes: Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) and Proportional-Integra-Derivative optimized with Genetic Algorithm (GA-PID) Controller on Inverted pendulum for the control of the angle position. The FLC scheme was designed with the joint angle error and its derivative as the input of the controller, the Fuzzy controller provides control signal (force) that keep the angle of the pendulum at an equilibrium point despite disturbances. Fuzzy logic toolbox in MATLAB Simulink environment was used. On the other hand, a Matlab script for genetic algorithm was written with the aim of obtaining the best PID parameters that would keep the pendulum angle at equilibrium by minimizing a given objective function: Integral time average error (ITAE). The results obtained in both schemes shows that there was no specific controller between the two that shows superiority in the entire performance index used.

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Fuzzy Logic; PID; Pendulum Angle; Non-Linearity; Genetic Algorithm; Stability

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