A New Design Method of an Internal Multi-Model Controller for a Linear Process with a Variable Time Delay

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This document introduces a new Internal Multi-Model controller design method for a linear system with a limited variable time delay. This design method, is based on the use of a models collection to approximate the system functioning using Padé approximations; these models are inversed and multiplied by low pass filters in order to obtain a set of controllers that calculate the command value through a fusion procedure. These controllers are obtained by the multiplication of a low pass filter’s and Model’s inverse’s, in order to impose poles and zeros and to control the command robustness through the filter’s parameters, which shall confirm a compromise between stability and rapidity. In this paper the Multi-Model Command controller design method will be described through six sections; first section introduces the realized research in this paper, the second section describes Internal Model Control concepts, third section describes the effects of presence of a time delay on systems dynamics, the fourth section shows briefly Multi-Model concepts, the fifth section presents the new Internal Multi-Model controller design Method and finally section six deals with the obtained results of the new controller design method application for a system with a limited variable time delay and the filters parameters variation effects.
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Internal Model Control, Multi-Model approach, Internal Mutli-Model Control, System with a limited variable time delay, Padé approximation, Control of systems with time delay

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