Harmonic Mitigation and Comparison in a 15-Bus Network with Combined Hybrid Active Filter Using SRF and pq-Algorithms

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This paper deals with mitigation of harmonics for six pulse and twelve pulse converter in a 15-bus network using SRF(Synchronous Reference Frame) and pq (Vectorial Theory of Electrical Power) control strategies. The Combined Hybrid Active Filter consisting of two active filters one being connected in series with the supply and the other in series with passive filter is incorporated in the network before the non-linear loads for mitigating voltage and current harmonics, Total Harmonic Distortion at different buses and analyzing unbalance factor at all the nodes in the considered network. Reference signal for the filter is obtained from SRF and pq control strategies and the effectiveness of the control algorithms were illustrated with the help of results obtained. A 15-bus network consisting of linear and non-linear loads is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK platform with and without filters and the performance is evaluated
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Combined Hybrid Active Filter; Harmonic Mitigation; pq Theory; SRF Theory

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