MPPT of a Photovoltaic Panel Based on Takagi-Sugeno and Fractional Algorithms

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A new algorithm which provides continuously the optimal operating point of a photovoltaic panel is presented. As the power generated by a photovoltaic panel depends on climatic variables such as temperature and irradiation, control of a DC/DC converter connected to the panel is needed to extract the maximum power from the photovoltaic panel, by deciding continuously which the optimal operating point is. This amounts to selecting the duty cycle of the DC/DC converter. The proposed algorithm is based on combining the Takagi-Sugeno approach with Fractional Open-circuit Voltage (FOV) and Fractional Short-circuit Current (FSC) algorithms. To illustrate the performance of the new algorithm we compare with standard FOV and FSC algorithms. The simulation results show the improved performance of the proposed algorithm.
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Photovoltaic Panel; MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking); Boost Converter; Takagi-Sugeno Models; Fractional Open-Circuit Voltage; Fractional Short-Circuit Current

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