A Novel MPPT Dual Fuzzy Logic Applied To Resistive Load and PV Pumping System

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The output power of photovoltaic panels is highly dynamic and non-linear in nature, because it keeps changing with solar irradiation and temperature.  In order to extract maximum power point from photovoltaic cells, and improve the overall system efficiency, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques are required. In this paper we present a new P&O MPPT algorithm using dual- mode fuzzy logic control.  In this technique we combine a far tuning fuzzy control and near tuning fuzzy control through a switch, if the step of the duty cycle is near of the MPP we use a near tuning fuzzy control, else we use the far tuning fuzzy control.  To examine the efficiency of this method, we apply it to two types of loads: resistive load and motor-pump load. The proposed method has been evaluated by simulation using MATLAB/Simulink and compared with the traditional P&O MPPT technique under changing irradiation condition.  The results of simulation show that the proposed algorithm improves significantly the efficiency during the tracking phase as compared to a conventional P&O method
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Dual-Fuzzy Logic Control; Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT); P&O Algorithm; Motor-Pump; Photovoltaic System

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