Control of 5×2 Stacked Multicell Converter for Solar Panel

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This paper provides the analyses of Multicell converters at different levels. This topology called SMC (Stacked Multicell Converter) is made up of hybrid association of commutation cell which makes possible to share the voltage constraint on several switches. With this SMC by increasing the number of levels the output voltage can be improved with regard to the THD. A closed loop control is proposed using MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, to control the rms voltage at the output with the help of PWM technique. A complete fuzzy inference process to control the converter is shown. The Fuzzy Controller for 3x2 and 5x2 multicell converter is designed in MATLAB and the rms voltage is controlled. Comparison is made between the performance of 3x2 and 5x2 multcell converter and in which it is observed that 5x2 has good voltage constraint sharing feature than its 3x2 counterpart with reduced number of switches. Since the 5x2 multicell converter is found to be having good performance it is used along with a solar panel to convert the DC voltage to its equivalent AC with reduced number of switches and reduced THD. The output of the converter is controlled by employing PWM technique using microcontroller
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Multicell Converter; Harmonics; Commutation Cell; Pulse Width Modulation; THD; Multilevel Inverter; Fuzzy Logic

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