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Motion Planning and Control of Hyper Dynamic Robot Arm

S. Benmansour Aboura(1*), A. Omari(2), K. Zemalache Meguenni(3)

(1) Professor in an Institute of Industrial Maintenance and Security, University of Oran, Algeria, Algeria
(2) Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering , University of Sciences and Technology, Oran , Algeria, Algeria
(3) Associate Professor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sciences and Technology, Oran, Algeria, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper discuses a new scheme for an optimal motion planning for golf swing robot using genetic algorithm with B-Spline Cubic Uniform approximation. This kind of manipulators has been recently developed in an attempt to simulate the high-speed swing motions of golfer. The problem is formulated as a constrained and multi-objectives optimization. The cost function is to minimizing the robot’s energy consummate and intermediate and final state errors. In order to validate the obtained trajectories, a computed torque controller combined with an optimal feedforward torque is applied to the robot. The global stability has been also proved using Lyapunov function. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed schemes
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Golf Swing Robot; Motion Planning; B-Spline; Genetic Algorithm; Optimization; Computed Torque Controller

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