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Nonlinear Robust Sliding Mode Control of Flight Simulator (6-3) Gough-Stewart Type in Task Space

Mustapha Litim(1*), Abdelhafid Omari(2)

(1) University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf, (USTO) Oran, Algeria., Algeria
(2) University of Sciences and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf, (USTO) Oran, Algeria., Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents a sliding mode control of a flight simulator Gough-Stewart type. The control is based on the inverse dynamic model of the robot in task space. Kinematic analysis is also discussed. High performance tracking control of a 6 DOF Stewart platform normally requires full knowledge of the system dynamics. In this paper, some important properties of the dynamics of the Stewart platform are considered to develop a sliding mode controller which can drive the upper platform angular and translation positions to the desired trajectories. Stability analysis based on Lyapunov theory is performed to ensure that the designed controller is stable. Numerical simulation is completed to show the effectiveness of the control system even in the case of large parameter variations
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Flight Simulator; Gough-Stewart Platform; Sliding Mode Control; Lyapunov Stability

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