Design and Comparison of a PI and PID Controller for Effective Active and Reactive Power Control in a Grid Connected Two Level VSC

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In this paper a PI and a PID controller is designed for active and reactive power control of a grid connected two level voltage source converter. Active and reactive power control in a grid connected VSC is desired for proper accomplishment of the local grid code requirements. VSCs are normally used for grid connection of renewable energy based power plants like wind and solar plants. Simulink control design tool in Matlab software is used for designing the controllers. The controllers are designed to satisfy design parameters in frequency domain. Controller gains were automatically tuned using the robust tuning algorithms in Matlab. Several controllers were designed similarly near the desired frequency domain parameters and the best design of PI and PID controller was selected and compared.
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Frequency Domain Design; Pulse Width Modulation; Robust Control; Time Domain Design; Voltage-Source Converter; Variable-Speed Wind Generators

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