Optimal Placement and Sizing of Multiple Capacitors in Radial Distribution Systems Using Modified TLBO Algorithm

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Nowadays due to development of distribution systems and increase in electricity demand, the use of capacitors in parallel are increased. Determining the installation location and size are two significant factors affecting network loss reduction and improving network performance. The optimal capacitor placement and sizing problem is formulated as a mixed integer nonlinear optimization problem subject to highly nonlinear equality and inequality constraints. This paper, proposes an efficient method based on Modified Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm (MTLBO) for optimal placement and sizing of multiple capacitors in a radial distribution system(RDS) is proposed, which can greatly envisaged with problems. The objective function is to minimize the network active power losses, improving system voltage profile, increasing voltage stability index and load balancing within the frame work of system operation and security constraints. The proposed method is implemented on 33 and 69 bus radial distribution systems and the results are compared with results of other popular optimization methods available in published articles. Test results show that the proposed method is more effective and has higher capability in finding optimum solutions.
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Radial Distribution System (RDS); Capacitor Placement; Modified Teaching Learning Based Optimization (MTLBO); Active Power Loss; Voltage Deviation; Voltage Stability Index

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