Integrated CAD/CAE/CAM and RP for Scorbot-ER Vu Plus Industrial Robot Manipulator

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Robots are required to operate at different environmental conditions facing varieties of end-effector to workspace interactions. This paper deals with integrated CAD/CAE/CAM and RP for SCORBOT-ER Vu plus Industrial robot manipulator. It is a 5-DOF of vertical articulated robot and all the joints are revolute. Most parts of robot were three-dimensionally designed with 3D CAD, which enables effective connection with CAE analyses, the basis of which lays in kinematic simulation and structural analysis. CATIA was used to implement the cutting simulation of the robot master parts. To reduce the lead time and investment cost of developing parts, RP and CAM are selectively used to manufacture master parts for the robot body. Finally, a CAD/CAE/CAM and RP integrated system for a robot manipulator was developed. This integrated system not only promotes automation capabilities for robot manipulator production, but also simplifies the CAD/CAE/CAM and RP process for a robot manipulator. This integrated system is useful for developing automated computer-aided mechanism design and manufacturing scenario,
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CAD/CAE/CAM; RP; Robot Manipulator; CNC Milling; Pro/E; CATIA; Simulation

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