A New Method for Quick and Easy Synchronization of CHP Resources with an EPS

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This article provides new ideas for synchronization between an electrical power system (EPS) and a combine heat and power (CHP) system. If an AC generator is used with another AC system, synchronization turns to an indispensable process. It is a frequent event for combined heat and power cogeneration in small quantities and is one of the most important things in daily operation. Also closing the breaker at zero phase difference is very important in synchronization. In this paper we introduce new ideas which will lead two AC systems to a smooth and soft synchronization. Through these ideas a soft synchronization which can provide a perfect phase angle matching is realized. In order to verify the efficiency of the proposed synchronization, matlab program was used for simulation studies and experimental tests were done through using with a real synchronous generator.
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Synchronization; Synchronizer; Combined Heat and Power (CHP); Micro Grids Reference Frame Conversion (Transformation); Synchronous Generator

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