Design of a Novel Fuzzy PI Controller Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for VSC-HVDC Transmission Link

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This paper presents a continuous time state space model for a VSC-HVDC transmission link in the d-q reference frame. An Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm based Fuzzy proportional plus integral (FPI) controller is proposed for a decoupled back to back VSC-HVDC transmission link single machine power system. Here, the ABC approach is used for selecting the nonlinear variable gain parameters of scaling factors of Fuzzy controller to enhance its performance. Simulation result has been presented to show and validate the efficiency of new approach for damping oscillations over a wide range of operating conditions and compared with the conventional PI controller tuned by Ziggler-Nichol technique, and Fuzzy PI controller without optimization. It has been found that the proposed controller is quite effective in enhancing the power system dynamic stability significantly.
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VSC-HVDC; Artificial Bee Colony; Fuzzy PI Control

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