New Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator of a Variable Speed Wind Turbine with Ku Transformation

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In this paper we present the sliding mode control (SMC) for variable speed wind turbines (WT) based on Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG). A new optimal control method based on KU transformation to control the generator stator active and reactive power is proposed. This kind of system has already been considered in the past by other researchers, mainly by using Park transformation. The global controller is firstly tested with a simplified mathematical model of the aero turbine and DFIG. Secondly, the aero turbine controller is validated upon a flexible wind turbine simulator. The simulation was performed using Simulink of Matlab to show the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.
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Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG); Wind Turbine (WT); Sliding Mode Control (SMC); KU Transformation

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