Nonlinear Modeling and Estimation Techniques for a Fed-Batch Prototype Bioprocess

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This paper presents nonlinear modeling and estimation techniques dedicated to a fed-batch prototype bioprocess. More precisely, this prototype bioprocess is an aerobic microbial growth process coupled with an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, which is widely used in bioindustry. As a modeling procedure, the present work proposes an innovative methodology, namely the bond graph approach. In order to obtain a useful model for control purposes, it is necessary to derive estimation strategies for unmeasurable states and kinetic parameters. By using some model structural properties, an asymptotic state observer is derived. Also, the nonlinear and uncertain kinetic rates of this process are on-line estimated by using a high-gain observer. The performance and behavior of estimation techniques are analyzed via numerical simulations.
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Nonlinear Systems; Modeling; Bond Graphs; Estimation; Biotechnology

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