Combining Sliding Mode and Linear Quadratic Regulator to Control the Inverted Pendulum

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The main limitation of the optimal control is the requirement of complete system   knowledge, this leads to the high sensitivity to parametric uncertainties and exogenous perturbations. A possible solution to this problem is to introduce a sliding mode control (SMC), well known for its robustness to uncertainties and disturbances, into optimal control whenever the uncertainties are present. This can make optimal control more robust and applicable to real systems. Though SMC and optimal control are two control strategies, it is possible integrate them together. In this work, combining (SMC) and linear quadratic regulator (LQR) will be analyzed, designed and applied to the so-called Inverted pendulum with and without disturbances. The simulations results will be compared to the pole placement approach. All simulations will be done using Matlab/Simulink.
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Optimal Control; Sliding Mode Control (SMC); Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR); Inverted Pendulum; Pole Placement; Ackermann’s Formula

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