Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Total Cross Tied Photovoltaic Under Partial Shading

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This paper presents a new approach of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for partial shaded total cross tied (TCT) photovoltaic array based on fuzzy logic controller. The proposed method employs MPPT based on fuzzy logic controller comprising two inputs coming from voltage and current sensor. In addition, the photovoltaic array uses total cross tied configuration (TCT) in which it is superior to other configuration such as serial (S), parallel (P), and serial-parallel (SP) configuration. Here, TCT configuration consists of 10 photovoltaic modules by using 5×2 arrangements. Meanwhile, the fuzzy logic controller itself is used to drive boost dc-dc converter through pulse width modulation (PWM). The comparative study of two topologies, TCT (without fuzzy control) and proposed TCT (using fuzzy logic control) is carried out in MATLAB using SIMULINK , Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, and Power System Toolbox. The simulation result shows that TCT photovoltaic array using fuzzy logic controller (FLC) provides both higher power compared with TCT photovoltaic array without fuzzy logic controller.
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FLC; MPPT; TCT; Photovoltaic; PWM

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