Vol 8, No 5 (2020)

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Active Disturbance Rejection Control Strategy for Direct Power Control of a DFIG-Based Wind Turbine Connected to the Undisturbed Utility Grid PDF
El Mahfoud Boulaoutaq, Mustapha Kourchi, Azeddine Rachdy 165-177

Influence of Reynolds and Prandtl Numbers on Thin Film Condensation in Forced Convection in a Canal Covered with a Porous Material PDF
Pape Tamsir Ndiaye, Momath Ndiaye, Cheikh Mbow, Goumbo Ndiaye 178-187

Performance Investigation of Solar Water Heating System with V-Shaped Absorber Plate Integrated PCM Storage PDF
Jalaluddin Haddada, Rustan Tarakka, Muhammad Rusman, Andi A. Mochtar 188-193

ISO Stress Analysis and Micro Geometry Corrections of Parallel Axis Gearbox Using Dontyne Systems Gear Production Suite PDF
Mohammed Almaged, Mohanad N. Noaman, Ali K. Mahmood, Nashwan Z. Hero 194-201

Comparison of Turbulence Models in the Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer for Cnoidal Waves PDF
Suntoyo Suntoyo 202-214

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