Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Direct Torque Control of Reversing Voltage Topology Multi-Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor PDF
Rajes Rangarajan 1-9

Online Rotor Time Constant Tuning in Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive PDF
B. Mouli Chandra, S. Tara Kalyani 10-15

A Novel Planar Transformer Design Based on a Variable Width Winding PDF
A. Savu, C. Radoi, A. Florescu 16-20

A More Sensitive Indicator of Inter-Turn Short-Circuits Fault in Stator Windings Including Unbalanced Supply Voltage PDF
F. Babaa, A. Khezzar 21-26

Incidence of Some WAMS Communication Network Effects on Real-Time Tracking of Low Frequency Oscillations PDF
L. P. Di Noia, D. Lauria, C. Pisani 27-37

Interconnected Power System Transmission Cost Allocation PDF
Oana Pop, Constantin Barbulescu, Stefan Kilyeni 38-49

Voltage Quality Improvement of Micro Turbine Generating Unit Using 3 Phase Matrix Converter PDF
G. Srinivasa Rao, Y. P. Obulesh 50-56

Network Charges to Reflect the Cost to Support Busbar Voltages Under N-1 Contingencies PDF
E. Matlotse, E. T. Rakgati 57-67

Identification of Partial Discharge Patterns in Switchgear Based on Logistic Model Tree PDF
Yingshuai Hao, Zhihong Chen, Wendong Zheng, Chengjun Huang 68-73

Hydraulic Turbine Model Controlled by Multimodel Robust Controller PDF
J. Osuský, M. Hypiusová 74-85

Comparative Study on Automatic Plant Watering System PDF
E. A. R. Engku Ariff, R. Hamidon, S. Zakaria, S. Hussain, N. Aziz 86-89

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