Vol 10, No 5 (2022)

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Analysis of Recovery Power, Saved Fuel, Emissions, and Economy in Diesel Engines Operating with Thermoelectric Generators
Carlos Pardo García, Jhon Antuny Pabon, Marlen Fonseca Vigoya

Behavior of Square RC Columns Confined with Interlocking Square Spiral Under Axial Compressive Loading
Tavio Tavio, S. P. Machmoed, I G. P. Raka

A Comparative Study of Current Dataset Used to Evaluate Intrusion Detection System
Wasim A. Ali, P. Sandhya, Michele Roccotelli, Maria Pia Fanti

Experimental Study on Mooring Tension of Porous-Slope Type Floating Breakwater
Sujantoko Sujantoko, Eko Budi Djatmiko, Wisnu Wardhana

Power Quality Improvement of PV System Connected to the Grid Using a Nonlinear Adaptive Backstepping Control
Salma Zouga, Mohamed Benchagra, Abdellah Ailane

Advanced Constrained Model Predictive Control of Vapor Pressure Deficit in Agricultural Greenhouses
Ayoub Moufid, Najib Bennis, Julio Cesar Ramos-Fernández, Soumia El Hani

Study of the Performance Parameters in an Organic Rankine Cycle Power System Operating in Low Temperature Conditions
Carlos Pardo García, Jhon Antuny Pabon, Marlen Fonseca Vigoya

Contribution of Lightweight Brick Infiller on Strength and Stiffness of RC Columns Under Cyclic Loading
Tavio Tavio, Bambang Sabariman

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