A More Sensitive Indicator of Inter-Turn Short-Circuits Fault in Stator Windings Including Unbalanced Supply Voltage

F. Babaa(1*), A. Khezzar(2)

(1) Mentouri University- Constantine,, Algeria
(2) Mentouri University- Constantine,, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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The main goal of this paper is to identify current signatures in induction machine when the inter-turn short circuit fault under unbalanced supply voltage is considered. Research indicates that the inter-turn short circuit fault will give an evident change in the first negative harmonic and third harmonic components in stator current. On the other hand, the variation in these components can also be observed when an unbalance in voltage supply occurs. The latter makes them as unreliable signatures for stator faults, particularly at an incipient stage. For that, it is so important to identify new signatures for inter-turns short-circuit which are undisturbed by the presence of voltage supply unbalance. A series of experimental tests and simulation results show the effectiveness of the present study
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Stator Fault; Inter-Turns Short-Circuit; Induction Motor; Unbalanced Voltage Supply

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