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Modeling and Stabilization of a Mini Quadrotor Helicopter

N. Azouz(1*), S. Bennaceur(2)

(1) IBISC Laboratory, France
(2) IBISC laboratory, France
(*) Corresponding author

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This paper presents, in the first part, the design and fabrication of a mini quadrotor helicopter for outdoor applications. The proposed autonomous flying object called XSF has some particularities such as oriented rotors, a large autonomy and a stable maneuverable aerial platform. The dynamic model proposed takes into account the gyroscopic and aerodynamic effects. In the second part, we present a stabilization strategy around a position of equilibrium. The model is highly nonlinear, we use a methodology based on the linearization and the backstepping control. The dynamic of the system involves six control inputs which will be computed to stabilize the engine with regard to external perturbations.
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Micro UAV; Design; Modeling; Simulation; Stabilization

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