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Fast Transfer of Packets Through DB Routing Using Ant Colony Optimization

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Routing in computer network is an essential functionality, which influences both the network management as the quality of services in global networks. The management of the traffic flows has to satisfy requirements for volume of traffic to be transmitted as avoidance of congestions for decreasing the transmission delays. These two requirements in general are contradictory. The optimal traffic management is a key issue for the quality of the information services. This Paper presents Depth wise Breadth wise (DB) algorithm, which provides a path to an incoming packet much faster than existing routing algorithms. This is basically an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Concept, which is useful to get from the source to the destination. Moreover, the proposed algorithm is a combination of Depth First search (DFS) and Breadth First Search (BFS) searching techniques. In this paper, DB Routing has been developed based on a general-purpose metaheuristic named Ant Colony Optimization, which is a framework for building ant-inspired algorithms. DB is applied as the routing algorithm in a simulated packet-switched point-to-point network. It is investigated whether DB is able to obtain an increase in throughput when packets are sent between two distinct nodes. Moreover, it is investigated how prioritizing different heuristics effect the quality of the routing performed. It is concluded that DB behaves differently depending on the relative priority of positive feedback negative feedback and local heuristics. Also it is possible to adjust the parameters to achieve best results by improving in routing time.
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Ant Algorithms; Ant Colony Optimization; Positive Feedback; Negative Feedback; Routing; Met Heuristics and Network Model

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