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Fuzzy Control Approach for Monomachine Power Systems

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Electrical power system angle stability can be improved by a wide variety of controls. Some methods have been used effectively for many years, both at generating plants and in transmission network. In this paper, a fuzzy control strategy for stabilization of the transient faulted power system is presented. The first step is to find the critical clearing time (CCT) by equal area stability criterion and numerical integration. The second interests to fuzzy logic controller. For this last step, we present the nonlinear model with a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model (TS). Then, a model-based in fuzzy controller design utilizing the concept of the so-called “Parallel Distributed Compensation” (PDC) is employed. Stability analysis and control design problems can be reduced to linear matrix inequality (LMI) problems. Therefore, they can be solved efficiently in practice by convex programming techniques for LMI’s. A single machine infinite bus system is analysed with the proposed methods.
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Power System; Transient Stability; Critical Clearing Time; T-S Fuzzy Model; PDC; Lyapunov Stability; LMI’s Techniques

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