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Hierarchical Design Methodology for Hardware Implementation of Control Algorithms Application to the DTC Control

A. Fakhfakh(1*), S. Feki(2), A. Oualha(3), N. Masm(4)

(1) National School of Engineers in Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia
(2) National School of Engineers in Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia
(3) National School of Engineers in Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia
(4) National School of Engineers in Sfax (ENIS), Tunisia
(*) Corresponding author

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Today, design requirements are extending more and more from electronic (analogue and digital) to multidiscipline design. These current needs imply implementation of methodologies to make the CAD product reliable in order to improve time to market, study costs, reusability and reliability of the design process. This paper presents a novel design methodology, based on a virtual prototyping platform for the implementation of control algorithms in FPGA device. DTC control of asynchronous machine is adopted to prove the effectiveness and the reliability of this methodology.  The first design step consists of modeling and validating the whole system using Matlab/Simulink of the Math Works firm. The second step consists of a virtual prototyping of the multidisciplinary and mixed system by using VHDL-AMS language which is simulated with "Simplorer" tool to study the system behavior via parametric variations. The methodology is completed by an optimization and a hardware implementation phase on an FPGA device of Altera using a special co-simulation tool: it is about a link between Matlab/Simulink and ModelSim that makes it possible to reinforce the proposed design methodology and to make sure that what will be implemented in the hardware device functions suitably with the least possibility of errors.
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Virtual Prototyping; Co-Simulation; Multi-Domain Simulation; Heterogeneous Systems; Digital Control Systems; Direct Torque Control; Design Methodology; VHDL-AMS

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