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A Conventional IoT Architecture: Precision Agriculture as Domain of Application

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Agriculture is confronting many challenges, from climate change to the considerable decreasing of the natural resources. In order to limit the impact of these challenges and ensure food sufficiency for the global growing population, precision agriculture is defined as one of sustainable solutions. This solution manages the whole agricultural cycle and it is based mainly on the use of information technologies. It ensures precision in the applied treatments, quantities and in time. By taking into account the nature of the agricultural field, this paper is interested in wireless technologies, more precisely, in IoT. In fact, many architectures and implementations have been proposed in this context, which can cause issues in scalability and interoperability. Thus, the principal aim of this paper is to define a conventional IoT architecture that can be used for precision agriculture.
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IoT; Conventional Architecture; ITU-T; ISO/IEC 30141; Precision Agriculture

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