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Risk Analysis of Using Refrigerant R-22 Substitute for Compressor of Air Cooling System Using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Method

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The current refrigeration system plays an important role in human life, especially in the field of shipping, the need for refrigerants is needed for shipping and logistics storage in ships. Refrigerant R22, as stated in the regulation of the Indonesian Minister of Industry number 41/M-IND/PER/5/2014, is in accordance with the regulations set forth for the removal of HCFC-22. There are alternatives needed such as refrigerant R32, R410a and R290 but the use of this type of refrigerant also creates new problems, especially damage to the refrigeration machine, problems arising from damage to parts or components in this machine according to the system supported itself. The research has been conducted by using the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) method. Obtained Risk Priority Number (RPN) ranking with the number of priorities that give the largest amount to the compressor on each type of refrigerant while the highest RPN value obtained 729 or 72.9% ratio for R32 refrigerant types, while R290 has a value of 576 with a ratio of 57, 6 % and R410a have a value of 448 with a ratio of 48.8%. In the calculation of this RPN mitigation will be made. The use of R32 components that should be considered is thermostatic, while R290 and R410a are the capacitors because they have the highest risk of damage.
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Air Cooling System; Compressor; FMEA; Indonesia; Refrigerant; RPN; Risk Analysis

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