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Modeling and Control of Ball and Beam Problem with Controllers’ Performance Comparison

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Since nonlinear systems are difficult to analyze but play a critical role in control theory, the construction of an appropriate controller is essential. A robust controller should be capable of dealing with abruwpt changes, uncertainty, disturbances, and other nonlinearities in the system. An accurate control system for nonlinear and unstable ball and beam system is essential, moreover it presents a significant challenge to be controlled by engineers and researchers. The ball and beam problem can be solved by using a controller that would monitor the ball position in the system. The ball and beam system is a very popular system due to its semplicity to be understood and the control techniques that can be studied over it. The system has been built in many ways before some easier and some more effective ones. This system in an open-loop setting is inseparably nonlinear and unstable but with the appropriate steps it can stabilize its response. Physical laws are used to conduct the ball and beam system theoretical analysis. System mathematical modeling is presented clearly and simulations together with their analysis will be done by using MATLAB software. It will be necessary to use mathematical modeling, which will include linearization of the model. The performance of each controller will be evaluated and compared. Two different controllers are used in this work.
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Ball; Beam; Controller; Linear PID; Nonlinear PID; Disturbance; Potential Energy; Kinetic Energy; Lagrangian

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