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Synthesis and Characterization of Biofuel Using Waste Cooking Oil Obtained by the College Canteen

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The enhanced environmental concerns, increasing energy demand, and dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels explore the need for sustainable and renewable substitute fuels. Biodiesel is one of the best alternatives. Also, the used cooking oils available in every part of the world are very harmful and a significant pollutant source. The present work focuses on a simple and user-friendly approach for converting waste cooking oil into biodiesel and further characterization of this synthesised biodiesel. For this, waste cooking oil has been procured from the college (BIT Sindri) canteen to synthesise biodiesel. Different fuel blends were prepared using diesel and kerosene oil. To characterise fuels and blends, physico-chemical properties were measured and compared with those of diesel fuel. Spectroscopy studies of fuel samples were performed using FTIR and GCMS, which are helpful to identify the different functional groups and compounds present in the fuel samples. FTIR interpretation of biodiesel and their blends shows that all the oil samples have some joint functional group as diesel to be used as a fuel on a diesel engine. The GCMS interpretation of synthesised biodiesel shows its highest percentage of fatty acids and methyl ester. It indicates that waste cooking oil has excellent potential for producing biodiesel.
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Alternate Fuel; Diesel; Biodiesel; Physico-Chemical Characteristics; Spectroscopic Characteristics

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