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Theoretical and Numerical Study of Thermosolutal Convection in a Cylindrical Porous Cavity Filled with a Nanofluid and Taking into Account Soret and Dufour Effects

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In this article, a theoretical and numerical study of the phenomena of  combined heat and mass transfer (thermosolutal), in a porous, isotropic, and  saturated  media  filled with a nanofluid (aluminum nanoparticles) in thermal equilibrium with a binary  base  fluid within  a  cylindrical  enclosure is presented. The sidewalls of the enclosure are rigid, impermeable, and adiabatic while the horizontal walls are kept at uniform temperature and concentration. The extended   Darcy   law of  Brinkman-Forchheimer using  the Boussinesq approximation describes the nanofluid  flow  in  the porous layers. The finite volume method has been used to discretize the equations describing the phenomenon, namely the momentum, the energy, and the concentration equations. The effect of  varying the number of  Rayleigh, the number of Soret, the number of Dufour, the number  of  Prandtl, the Buoyancy ratio, the geometric aspect ratio, and  the  volume  fraction of  nanoparticles  on  heat  and  mass  transfer has been studied.
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Finite Volume Method; Nanofluid; Porous Media; Thermosolutal Convection; Extension of the Law of Darcy; Soret and Dufour Effects

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