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BIM of an Existing Road Using Advanced Monitoring Systems

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In the last decades, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been mainly used in residential construction sector. However, considering its benefits in terms of data processing facilitation and high quality results, it has begun to be desirable also for transportation infrastructure design and management. In this framework, the introduction of new high efficiency equipment, based on advanced technology, for infrastructure survey and inventory, and the contemporary development of BIM applications are changing the perspective in the management of existing road infrastructures. In this paper, a study showing the application of BIM method for the implementation of an existing roadway starting from data collected through specific tools will be reported. As BIM software, Autodesk Civil 3D has been chosen, while detection surveys have been carried out through an Automatic Road ANalyzer (ARAN). BIM-based tools have been analyzed using IFC files, evaluating in conclusion the precision degree of the obtained results.
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BIM; Transportation; Roadway; Pavement; Design; Detection; Civil Engineering

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