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Investigation on e-Commerce Platforms for Tackling e-Business Security Challenge

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Securing e-Business from threats and risks has become an urgent necessity nowadays especially with the growth of the cyber-crimes. Enterprises need to provide securely services and gaining the trust of the customers is the bedrock toward achieving any enterprise’s objectives and goals. Otherwise, making e-Commerce platforms exposed to the cyber-crimes will affect the e-Business performance and reputation and may destroy the e-Business at all. In this paper, the different e-Commerce security challenges are discussed by presenting the most important vulnerabilities related to the different components of the e-Commerce including the user, the security techniques, the Information Technology environment, and the e-Commerce platform. Then, the best practices that enterprises should follow to ensure a safer e-Business environment are provided. Moreover, different attack detection mechanisms deployed in e-Commerce platforms have been presented. Finally, investigations are conducted on some e-Commerce platforms in order to show how the e-Business still suffers from information disclosure.
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Disclosure; e-Commerce; Privacy; Security; Threats

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