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Energy Repowering Using Photovoltaic Microgrids - A Case Study in the Province of Manabí in Ecuador

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Currently, in Ecuador, the participation of photovoltaic energy is practically symbolic. In the province of Manabí, generation continues to be carried out through the intensive use of fossil fuel, which is expensive, inefficient, and polluting. This happens in a territory with optimal potential. Hence, the objective of the work is to demonstrate the feasibility of introducing a photovoltaic microgrid through the case study. Due to its simplicity and versatility, a methodology was applied to generalize experiences in other territories with similar geographical and climatic conditions. Field research was applied, and the method corresponds to the descriptive-deductive method, using a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a geographic information manager. The PVsyst 6.8.6 tool was used for the technical design of the installation, and the HOMER software was used for the economic feasibility analysis. The results demonstrate the relevance of introducing the photovoltaic microgrid in the distributed generation mode to increase the quality of service and the system's efficiency, reduce energy costs, promote the preservation of natural resources, and reduce CO2 emissions environment.
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Distributed Generation; Energy Efficiency; Photovoltaic Microgrids; Reduction of Environmental Impacts; Relocation of Energy Sources

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