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Design and Analysis of Renewable Energy Microgrids for Operations in Different Latitudes by Applying Fuzzy Logic Modeling

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The modeling results presented in this work used fuzzy logic techniques to design renewable energy microgrids for operation in six cities worldwide: Dwarka, India; Shanghai, China; Milwaukee, United States; Rostock, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark, and Kamaishi, Japan. A meticulous study on solar photovoltaic, wind potential, power demand, and population density was executed as part of this study. The results reveal that for a microgrids operative scenario comprising 50% photovoltaic solar energy and 50% wind power energy, the amount of energy that must be supplied to the six cities varies from 17,031.46 to 160,971.25 kWh/month, and the number of photovoltaic panels varies between 126 and 6,444. The number of wind turbines required varies between 3 and 11. The most significant amount of photovoltaic solar energy (546,366.41 kWh/month) generated from the microgrids was reported in Rostock, Germany. The most significant amount of generated wind power energy (277,012.15 kWh/month) was reported in Milwaukee, United States. Environmental assessments revealed that the highest amount of reduction in CO2 emission (217.88 tonnes) was obtained from the Rostock (Germany) microgrid. The implementation of such microgrids costs ~US$ 3,903,724.
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Microgrids; Photovoltaic Energy; Wind Energy; Renewables; Batteries

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