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A New Efficient Authentication Protocol for Wireless Healthcare Sensor Networks

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Electronic health (E-Health) has become one of the most important research fields over the last decades, which is considered the best solution for many problems in the medical area. E-Health is based on Wireless Healthcare Sensor Network (WHSN). The field of wireless communication has many security challenges. For this prospect, an authentication and session key agreement protocol for WHSN has been proposed in order to secure the transferred information over the wireless channels by WHSN. The proposed protocol has preserved privacy for the shared entities and has withstand the expected different types of electronic attacks (e.g. stolen smart card attack, replay attack, privileged insider attack and denial of service attack, etc.). The formal security analysis using BAN logic has claimed that the protocol is secure. Moreover, the proposed protocol has managed to achieve a noticeable improvement in the computation efficiency compared to its peers.
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E-Health; Authentication; Wireless Sensor Network; WBAN

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