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Evaluation of the Detectability of Open Phase Faults in Multiphase Induction Machine Based on Instantaneous Power, Instantaneous Space Vector and Neutral Voltage

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This article deals with the effect of the open phases in a Multi-Phase Induction Machine (MPIM). Such systems are known for their reliability even in failure conditions of this type. This is the reason for their presence in a large spectrum of industrial applications. Generally, failures are identified based on signal analysis of electrical measurements. The electrical measurements are given by current, voltage, and instantaneous power. The results obtained through those measurements can be verified through the experimental test bench. The most common fault for multiphase systems is the open phase. In this work, a Six-Phase Induction Machine (SPIM) is considered. A behavior analysis of a SPIM in faulty operating mode is presented. Results of several open phase configurations are illustrated through a comparison study.
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Electrical Measurements; Experimental Test Bench Multi-Phase Induction Machine; Open Phase; Signal Analysis

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