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Comparison of Materials Characterization Methods Using One-Port and Two-Port Transmission Line Principles

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Over the years, the demands on dielectric and magnetic materials are steadily increasing. At the same time, since microwave frequency bands are used, measurements intrinsic parameter technique is increased to miniaturize components, devices, and developed technologies. Among the methods used, the lines technique in transmission and reflection, based on the use of distributed elements, which is a broadband method, is presented in this paper through a study comparison in terms of the covered frequency range, the technique implementation simplicity, the extracted parameter elements, and their accuracy. Due to the limits of each structure implementation, the scanned frequency [1 – 20] GHz is investigated with Laurentiis, Semolina, Polenta, Aquarium Sand, and ceramic powder (Q-Cell 5020). Two identical circular coaxial cells are utilized as specimen holders, fabricated with the brass conductor, with different lengths. Two main principles are presented (one-port and two-port techniques) through three configurations, namely: line in transmission, short-terminated and open-ended positions. The study comparison has brought out that the choice of the method to be used depends on the condition of the material (shape, insertion, number of extracted parameters, expected accuracy, etc.) and the frequency range of validation along with their scope of use.
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De-Embedding; Material Characterization; Open-Ended and Shorted Termination Structures; Transmission-Line; Waves and Electromagnetic

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