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Automatic Target Recognition Based on the Features of UWB Radar Signals

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Accident prevention systems development has become one of the critical worries of car manufacturers and researchers in order to improve road safety. This need for security keeps pushing the development of electronic systems, allowing communication, localization, or detection obstacles on the roads. The objective is to design and implement a low-cost obstacle detection algorithm on an onboard system in order to prevent collisions. The UWB radar is the best candidate for this functionality because of its immunity to various climatic and environmental conditions. Classification of obstacles by a vehicle's short-range UWB radar system is a difficult task. Road traffic involves a variable number of different objects such as trees, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, which complicates the signal processing phase and requires a complex algorithm for recognizing these obstacles. This work aims to develop an algorithm allowing the classification and the identification of road obstacles by a UWB radar system using the signals captured at the reception, whatever the atmospheric conditions are. This paper presents a new algorithm for identifying and classifying road obstacles in real-time and at a low cost. This algorithm exploits the characteristics of the pulses received and the correlation properties, which consist of correlating the signal received after its passage through the V2V channel with the database signatures. The performance of the proposed algorithm, in terms of accuracy and reliability, is confirmed through simulations.
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Classification; UWB Radar; Obstacles; Identification; Algorithm; Correlation

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