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New Methods for Calculating the Impact Force of the Mechanical Stabilizer Bar on a Vehicle

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The problem of the lateral instability of the vehicle is a top concern. When the vehicle steers at high speed, it may rollover. In order to limit this situation, the solution of using the stabilizer bar is proposed. This research focuses on establishing the spatial dynamic vehicle model (10 DOF) to simulate the oscillation of the vehicle. Besides, this research has established a new method for calculating the impact force of the stabilizer bar on a vehicle. This method is very intuitive, simple, and highly accurate. The results of the research have indicated that when the vehicle has been equipped with the stabilizer bar, the roll angle of the vehicle has been reduced. At high speeds and a large steering angle, the value of the impact force of the stabilizer bar increases significantly. The value of the impact force of the stabilizer bar at the rear axle is usually larger than the front axle. The new method established in this research may be applied to other researches in the future.
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Stabilizer Bar; Dynamic Vehicle Model; Impact Force; Rollover

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