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Wireless Monitoring and Acquisition of Engine Noise Data Using IoT

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The automobile sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors and it is also very crucial for any country’s economic growth and development. New technologies are introduced daily aiding to new features and functionalities. As already known, the engine is the heart of all the automobiles and every factor that adds value to the automobile depends highly on the engine; that that is the reason why it is quite important. The engine comprises several moving parts, which get affected by the friction and the vibration caused during run-time. In order to ensure the well-being and the safety of the vehicles in the long-term, it is crucial to monitor the engine’s health. In order to support the cause, an IoT based system for wireless monitoring and acquisition of engine health data that include acoustic noise and core vibration values has been discussed and described in this paper.
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Atmega328; Vibration; LoRa; Automobile; Engine; Acoustic Noise; IoT

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