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Model Design of Construction Crane and Motion Regulation Using Hardware Control and Programming

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In this paper, the methodology of development and regulation of the physical small model of Construction Crane is presented. The type of crane is Luffing Jib Crane. The model with its main parts is developed with 3D printing using moulded plastic materials. It is regulated for motion using microcontroller Arduino Nano, Motor drivers, and Servo Motors. Motion control is programmed with LabView Software. The motion processes that will be studied are lifting, lowering, and rotation of the Jib. The purpose is to create and analyse small and scaled model of Construction Crane that can be programmed and regulated to carry loads. This paper is a contribution to Crane’s design and regulation and it is a multidisciplinary engineering project from the fields of mechanical engineering design, materials selection, 3d printing, electronics hardware, systems control, data flow programming and software applications.
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Construction Crane; Modelling; 3D Printing; Motion Regulation; Programming; Control

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