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Thermal Treatments of Wood (Eucalyptus and Maritime Pin): Experimental and Theoretical Study with Chemical Characterization

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The purpose of this work is to study the heat diffusion in two types of wood (Eucalyptus and Maritime Pine) using computer assisted. The pieces of wood are shaped differently in order to have enough information about the influence of the directions of the fibers on the heat diffusion. The theoretical and the numerical studies are realized using a heat balance by including various transfers of heat. The system of equations will be solved using numerical approach based on the finite volume method and then, a numerical code is established in order to simulate the capacity of the different form of wood to transfer the heat. In addition, a chemical analysis to the wood by ESM will be done for determining the texture and the chemical components and their influence to the heat transfer. The experimental and the numerical results explain that the directions of the fibers have a big influence on the conductivity capacity of wood at different way. In addition, the concordance between the two results shows that the hypothesis used at the theoretical reasoning is adequate to the condition of experience.
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Heat Transfer; Wood Conductivity; Finite Volume; Numerical Code; ESM

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