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A Biological Degradation Model of Sunflower Waste with Comparison of the Growth Profiles of Microorganisms Between the Meal and the Complete Sunflower Seed

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Bacterial growth is the orderly growth of all the components of the bacteria. It results in an increase in the number of bacteria. During growth, there is, on the one hand, depletion of the nutrient culture medium and, on the other one, enrichment by metabolic byproducts, possibly toxic. Growth can be studied in liquid or solid medium. In this research, the interest has been in numerical modeling of the energy recovery of sunflower waste by using a microorganism growth model for biogas production. This study begins with a numerical El-Fadel model with these fundamental bio-physico-chemical aspects to model the production and transfer of biogas and heat in sunflower waste. In this study, the biogas production is based on the use of the Monod model for microbial growth. Ecosystem dynamics equations include the hydrolysis of the precursor components of biogas production, the use of dissolved carbon by acidogenic biomasses, the birth, and death of acidogenic and methanogenic biomasses, and finally the production of methane and methane of carbon dioxide from the acetate produced by the acidogenic biomass. Thus, the biogas production model has two main components, biochemical, and biological. Important physical parameters of this model are sunflower waste density, moisture content, porosity, and temperature. The biochemical component of the model is based on the hydrolysis of the cellulosic fraction of sunflower waste which is a step limiting the rate of methane production. Then the Runge-Kutta method has been used for the discretization of the mathematical equations, solved from a numerical code in FORTRAN with an initial profile, which determines the boundary conditions and finally a comparison between the results of the meal and the ones of the complete sunflower.
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Growth of Microorganisms; Degradation; Sunflower Waste; Mathematical Model; Bioreactor; Runge-Kutta

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