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Modeling of the Impact of the Geometric Shape of a Solar Dryer on Heat Energy for Different Region in Morocco

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Solar drying is an economical and environmentally friendly method for drying agricultural products. A new auxiliary heating technique has been proposed and has been studied using an electric fan coil unit, in order to improve the thermal performance of a direct solar dryer. Electrical energy is also used in the auxiliary heating in order to accelerate the drying process and facilitate drying during hours without sun and on cold days. This study presents the mathematical modeling and the numerical simulation of the direct solar dryer with emergency auxiliary heating for three Moroccan sites: Rabat (latitude 34°00’ N), Tetouan (latitude 35°34'N), and Fez (latitude 34°02'N). Two parameters have been chosen for this study: the response of the dryer equipped with a backup heating system to the climatic specificity of the site, and the size of its volume. The results show that the coldest month of the year 2016 in Rabat is the month of February where the minimum temperature recorded is 8 °C. For Tetouan, the minimum temperature recorded during the month of February is 9 °C, while for Fez, the coldest month is January where the minimum temperature recorded is 6 °C. The QX start-up heating powers are different from one site to another. Thus, for an extreme set temperature of 30 °C, the minimum power required is 304.9 W m-3 for Rabat, 337.2 W m-3 for Tetouan and 381.0 W m-3 for Fez.
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Direct Solar Dryer; Solar Radiation; Solar Transmittance Temperatures; Heating Systems

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