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Flow Separation Across Three Square Cylinders Arranged in Serial and Parallel Tandem Configuration

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Experiments have been carried out in the wind tunnel by measuring the distribution of fluid flow complemented with flow visualization. Measurements of the flow pressure distribution around the test object have been conducted with the help of taping connected to the manometer. Test objects have consisted of 3 square cylinders made of acrylic material with a thickness of 2 mm with identical lengths of their sides in 50mm hydraulic diameter. The three cylinders are configured in serial and parallel. Each configuration has been given 2 types of distance arrangement, assigned as model I and model II. Model I has varied ratio of the distance between cylinder 1 and cylinder 2 to the diameter of cylinder (M/D) and constant ratio of distance between cylinder 2 and cylinder 3 to cylinders’ diameter (N/D) at 1.2. Models II has M/D and N/D altered in a gradually varied distance. Both models were given a treatment of speed of 14 m/s. The experiment has taken place at a single Reynolds number (Re) 43,844. The experimental results have shown that the flow separation in serial and parallel configurations in model I and model II can be dissipated, even on cylinder 2 where the optimum or dominant pressure coefficient value has been positive. From the interactions of the three cylinders, it has been found that the smallest flow separation for serial and parallel configuration of model I is at M/D = 0.6, and is at M/D and N/D = 0.6 for model II.
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Flow Separation; Pressure Coefficient; Reynolds Number; Serial and Parallel Configuration; Three Tandem Square Cylinder

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