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Performance Investigation of Solar Water Heating System with V-Shaped Absorber Plate Integrated PCM Storage

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The use of solar energy source using Solar Water Heating (SWH) system for hot water supply is increasing due to environmentally friendly technology. The increase of the application of solar energy equipment is beneficial for technology development related to the issue of sustainable energy and green energy buildings. This study develops a SWH system for hot water supply with modification of absorber plate. An integrated V-shaped absorber plate with phase change material (PCM) energy storage in the SWH system has been installed and its performance has been investigated experimentally. Two SWH systems consisting of V-shape absorber plate with and without PCM storage are built. The V-shape absorber plate is constructed and integrated with PCM storage in the system. The experimental tests of the two SWH systems using V-shaped absorber plate with and without PCM storage have been carried-out in the same operation time with various flowrates. The temperature of the paraffin has increased until the melting temperature and has decreased with the decrease of solar radiation in the afternoon. Paraffin as PCM storage contributes to increase the outlet water temperature. The results show that the average efficiency of the SWH system with PCM storage using paraffin is higher than the one of the SWH system without PCM storage. It has increased significantly of 20%, 14% and 13% with flowrates of 0.5; 1 and 1.5 L/min respectively. In addition, the characteristics of the PCM storage are shown clearly from 16:00 to 20:00 local time. After 16:00 local time, the storage energy can be a source of heat energy to heat the water up to the end of the day.
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Solar Water Heater System; V-Shaped Absorber Plate; Phase Change Material (PCM); Efficiency

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