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Integration of Completion Management System Using Service-Oriented Architecture

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This research tries to substitute the current system to new system using service oriented architecture (SOA) approach in an oil and gas company. The current system runs by integrating from all stakeholders in the company manually and takes much time and ineffective.  The purpose of this study is to create a SOA system as a middleware to integrate desktop, android and web light applications from completion department. The research results is developed into completion application system used to do inspection activity by Quality Control Inspector on the Check sheet Inspection Test Record (ITR) Form directly in the fabricator Site in two main phases, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning phase. SOA will work as a system integrator containing a collection of web services consumed by mobile application and web application to help Quality Control Admins and Inspectors improve the effectiveness of their activities. Inspection Test Record (ITR)/Check sheet Progress will be updated in conjunction with the check sheet inspected and approved from the mobile application by the inspector at fabricator site. So, there is no redundant activities any more in updating ITR/Check sheet Progress. The results show the duration process of inspection activity decreased significantly.
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SOA; Commissioning; Inspection Test Record; Quality Control; Checksheet

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